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As part of an ongoing effort to promote Doma Vaquera, DomaVaquera.Info is encouraging enthusiasts to organise these Doma Vaquera Fiestas which can be held on a less formal basis than a traditional training clinic, with the emphasis being on fun as well as training - http://www.DomaVaquera.Info

Carlos y Jocoso XX Practicing Doma Vaquera
Below is a selection of photos of graded Andalusian Stallion Jocoso XX going through his paces with his rider, Carl Adamson.

Initially inspired and taught by Richard Chamberlin, many of the techniques used have been studied from the video set, A La Vaquera.
Voltes - fast turnsVoltes - More fast turnsVoltes - Even more fast turns
Carlos y Jocoso XXCirclesMore circles
Circles in walkCanterWhere to now
CanterI want a goAnd the other way
Dreams Really Can Come True

Doma Vaquera with Carcelero II
Doma Vaquera with Carcelero II

Fantasia a la garrocha with Jocoso XX
Fantasia a la garrocha with Jocoso XX

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