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As part of an ongoing effort to promote Doma Vaquera, DomaVaquera.Info is encouraging enthusiasts to organise these Doma Vaquera Fiestas which can be held on a less formal basis than a traditional training clinic, with the emphasis being on fun as well as training - http://www.DomaVaquera.Info

Since buying our horses and importing them into the UK from Andalucia, Spain, Doma Vaquera has given us purpose as well as way of life.

Purpose, unfortunately, not in the cattle-ranching sense but in setting out to learn some of the basic equestrian skills and techniques that are used throughout Spain in the handling and training of horses and in particular, Andalusian Stallions.

Way of life because since embarking on this long and winding path, with many turning points, we have had to change the way we think about horses as well as the way in which we ride them.

We are certainly not proclaiming to be experts by any standards. Indeed we have only really just started to understand what we are trying to learn. We do have a very deep rooted enthusiasm for Spanish Horsemanship and in particular Doma Vaquera and this enthusiasm is contagious. On the rare occasions when we do have the chance to meet with other like minded souls, we can be talking Doma Vaquera and exchanging ideas into the early hours and start all over again at sunrise.

The sound of the Spanish guitar strumming out a flamenco rhythm together with the silhouette of a lone Vaquero riding off into the sunset, tilted sombrero, hand on hip, the other hand on the reins and a cool gentle breeze conjures up images of a dream. A dream of partnership and unity between horse and man. A dream to savour and not let go.
Dreams sometimes can come true.


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