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Issue Number 1

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Custom Made Garrochas

DomaVaquera.Info has been asked by several readers where they can obtain a garrocha. One of our readers has located a source of hand made garrochas here in the UK. These garrochas are hand made to your own specifications, to the highest quality, in Columbian pine which makes them very light and very durable.

The advantage of a custom made garrocha over an off the shelf item is that you can get one that fits you and your horse.

Please contact for more information.


2 second hand Doma Vaquerar Saddles for sale complete with stirrups and crupper £350.00 One brown and one black.

Traditional Doma Clasica saddle, grey suede/black leather with sheepskin, wide fit for sale £400

New top quality bridles Doma Clasica £200 and Doma Vaquera £150 both complete with black iron bits, black traditional buckles.

B REG FORD CARGO 811 HORSE BOX carries 4, living area no fittings. Good runner £5000 or nearest offer

Contact by email: or ring 01604 770725 (NORTHAMPTON, UK)

Hurrican is a 16hh Black PRE gelding, 5 years old by Destinado, home broken and going well single handed.

I started his schooling Western style, and that does not mean ponsing around with a fancy saddle, riding basically English style.

He has been trained to respond to changes in weight transference and the voice. However, since watching various Doma Vaquera displays I have endeavoured to ride him more in the style of DV.

Whilst not what you would call a novice ride (i.e. someone heavy handed and ignorant of how to ride a quality horse). For someone already riding to an adequate standard of what I call "English style" and keen to learn the Doma Vaquera style of horsemanship, he would be the ideal horse to take them as far as their abilities would allow. He is a clever horse and because he has NOT been spoiled he takes on board every new task I ask of him.

I've had him since he was a yearling and he is very dear to me, so anyone wanting to buy him would need to convince me that he was going to the very best of homes (hopefully for the rest of his life). I'm looking for in the region of £6,000. The reason for this is both his size and colour (very rare in this country). When ridden he is very "flashy" with his long wavy mane and because he was cut late in life he has the crested neck more usually associated with stallions. For someone with limited facilities or perhaps having to keep a horse at livery (livery proprietors and other customers seem for the most part to be paranoid about anything with balls) a gelding may be the best way of owning a Spanish horse.

My email address is and my home No is 01691 648176 Mobile 07730431154 (WALES).



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